Jaguar XK120 at the Frank Grounds Rally (1951, ish)

This fine example of the XK120 belonged to the Bira Prince, and its arguably the most important (or significant) XK120 ever built.

Known as the HKV-455, its original plates, or as the chassis #6600001, it was the first lefhand-drive XK120, the first to enter the USA, and also the oldest XK120 remaining. It got itself quite some racing pedigree in the meantime, surviving every single rally.

It was later found in a garage in Scotland, where apparently it had been hiding from the eyes of the public for almost 30 years.

In 2005 it was sold in an auction for $440k.

Line up of Jaguat Xk 120 OTS at the Xk 60th anniversary at Goodwood.